Educating for Eternity

The purpose of Faith Baptist Christian Academy is to assist parents in their God-given responsibility of educating their children by providing a Christ-centered environment where students are trained spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. FBCA seeks to prepare students for a lifetime of service for God and others by teaching them to apply God's Word to their daily living.

As a ministry of Faith Baptist Church, Faith Baptist Christian Academy provides children with a quality Christian education.

We believe that the Bible should be at the heart of our curriculum as we seek to develop children in some of the primary aspects of education, namely:

  • WISDOM - The academic training children receive that is designed to build strong character.

  • STATURE - The physical development children receive that is both healthy and fun.

  • FAVOR WITH GOD - Spiritual growth and understanding of God’s Word,  Will, and Work.

  • FAVOR WITH MAN - The development of children to know how to live in relation to others.

In addition, children at FBCA will sit under the instruction of teachers and staff members that are qualified to work with them in the areas mentioned above. These men and women have dedicated themselves to Christian education and they REALLY CARE about the children.
If these are the goals and aspirations you have for your children, then you may want to pray about being a part of FBCA. 

We believe that God has given the responsibility of training the children to the PARENTS; FBCA is here to help parents with that training.
"Fully Accredited"
The National Association of Private Schools

Online 09/01/03
Updated On: 6/17/2024

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